How Would You Like to Speak English Just Like an American... In 30 Days or Less?
Get Rid of Your Accent!
WITHOUT Being stuck in a Classroom or having to do any Boring Homework!
"I sound much clearer, and people stopped asking me to repeat myself when I speak English."  - Anders Klang
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You landed on this page because of one simple reason, you’re looking for a way to FINALLY speak better English and to make your English easily understood.

Am I wrong?

..Or am I right?

But, your accent is so strong and heavy that many people have to ask you many times about what you are saying, maybe they even make fun of you. So how would you feel if you could shortcut your way to speaking English just like an American, right now?
You Wouldn’t Be Here If I Were Wrong…
Get Rid Of Your Accent & Speak Just Like An American
Communicate With People From All Over The World
Get Better Jobs
No Boring Classroom Or Homework
Get Rid Of Your Accent & Speak Just Like An American
Communicate With People From All Over The World
Get Better Jobs
No Boring Classroom Or Homework
This isn’t the first time you look for a way to improve your English, is it?
This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to be able to communicate with an English speaker in the WHOLE WORLD…

Is it...?
People are always asking you to repeat yourself when you speak English. You are not confident in speaking English. When you speak English you speak in such a small voice that people cannot hear you.

Maybe you have experienced that?
My One BIG PROMISE To You...
I want to promise you one thing…
I’m NOT offering you another go to school type of thing, I’m going to offer you a shortcut to being able to speak English just like an American in record time!
Dear Struggling non-native English Speaker,

I am Dino Crawley and I’ve been teaching English for over 20 years in Japan. I have taught students of all ages (from 0 years old to over 70 years old) and I have seen people just like you struggling to speak good English. I have carefully studied and created the best way for anyone to learn how to speak excellent English with NO ACCENT and just like an American!

I will teach all of this to you without you having to go to a classroom, and without any other students around you. And, you can do this in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you like.
Poor Sounding English Can Hold You Back
From: The Virtual Classroom of Professor Dino Crawley

When my Japanese wife walked into a small store in New York. A big man open the door and shouted “woyowan”. She was really confused as the man kept screaming “woyowan, woyowan”. Of course, the man was struggling to say “what do you want”. But, this person even though he was a native English speaker had a very heavy accent as they have in New York that my wife could not even understand him.

My wife told me how she stood there for a quite a long time repeating what he was saying “woyowan, woyowan”. 

Let me tell you what happened. There was this little store was in the New York City train station. It must have suffered from shoplifters in the past, because there was a lock on the door of the refrigerator that sold the drinks. My wife pulled on that door many times not realizing that the door was locked. She told me the story of how a big person who worked in the store stopped her from pulling on the door, and shouted at her, “woyowan”. My wife told me how confused she was when he shouted “woyowan” at her. 

That is a very real example of how speaking terrible English can affect even your job.
You Can Speak English Just Like An American in 30 days
When I first arrived in Japan in 2001, I had no idea how to speak Japanese. I struggled with many Japanese words. It took me repeating many Japanese words before I could actually say those words with any clarity. My Japanese students suffered with the same speaking troubles when they spoke English.

Before teaching English in Japan, I had only taught American students in America. But, I found out quickly that Japanese parents, Japanese Teachers and Japanese English schools wanted American English Teachers. I was told that the British, Australian, and New Zealand accent was too difficult for Japanese school students to learn those other countries’ English and that it was not clear English. Students were finding it hard to understand words like ‘cat’ from the word ‘cot’ when taught by a British, Australian or New Zealand English Teachers. 

So, I have taken all of my many years of experience to show you how you can speak English just like an American in 30 days!
Every Language Requires That You Speak Just Like the Natives of That Language
I remember when I was learning Japanese.

The Japanese language was very different from English and many words were very difficult to say.

I remember being very embarrassed when after doing my best to speak Japanese to Japanese people and those people looking at me like they really did not understand me.

I was told by a friend here in Japan (who speaks the Japanese language very well).

I remember him telling me, “…do not speak the Japanese language as you read it from books. Speak the Japanese language JUST LIKE THE JAPANESE speak the Japanese language.”

From that moment I listened to the way, the Japanese people spoke their language using words that I had learned from books.
It's Not Your Fault
Don’t let it bother you that your English sounds bad.

It is not your fault…

…that you were born in a country where English was not spoken in your home. Or, maybe you never heard English until you started going to school. Or, maybe you never studied English in school.

Now you speak English, but it sounds so bad. Maybe, it doesn’t even sound like English. Either way, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!
You Too Can Speak Very clear English
After teaching English for many years, and after watching many of my students struggle with speaking clearly understood English, this idea hit me like a brick falling on my head. I could teach my students how to speak English as clear as an American.

I realized at that time that I could teach my students to speak English JUST LIKE ME and how to lose their accent.
After years of looking for a way to speak better English, you have finally found it here. You may have practiced many hours so that your English could sound better! But somehow your English never seemed to change. After many years of searching, your luck has suddenly changed. You have found that I created the best way for people like you to speak English just like an American in 30 days!
First Sign Of Success
I first knew that it ACTUALLY worked after my friend from Sweden practiced with the first 7 lessons of this training. You see, my friend is Swedish, and he had a very heavy accent when he spoke English. His accent was so strong, that I had to ask him to repeat his words to me many times. But, after just 7 modules of this training, his English was so much different that even another friend of his and mine mentioned how much better he sounded.
People have gotten involved with many courses that promised to help you speak better. But, their English has not improved. Why not?

Because so many courses promises to help you speak better English, but you have not notice any good results. The fact is, so many ‘Teachers’ know how to SPEAK English, but they do not know how to TEACH English.
I Am Here To Destroy The 'Fake' English Teachers
I am here to give this system to every person wanting to speak better English, so that those ‘FAKE’ English Teachers will go out of business.
You will notice rapid results almost immediately with this system. Because of my many years of experience I have focused on teaching good English as an English Teacher, I have seen many of my students get great results. The difference is my students gets great results when they speak English, because my students are not learning from someone who knows how to SPEAK English but does not know how to TEACH English.
Well-Spoken English Opens Many Doors
I’m sure you know that speaking good English opens many doors to the world around you. People respect you more when your English is clear and easily understood. It is easy to get good jobs when you speak good English. Traveling to English speaking countries become more interesting and fun.
I thought for many years the best way to teach how to speak English just like American. I knew that so many people around the world struggled with speaking good English. I also knew that I could help them, if I could combine all of my teaching years of experience and create a good course. Creating this course was not easy. Finding the right words and phrases and how to use them in this course was my greatest challenge. But, after listening to my friend use this course, I knew that this was just what many people needed.
What could be easier than learning to speak better English in the comfort of your own home or office – or anywhere in the world?
After Many Years Of Study, I knew This Is What So many People Needed
Here's What This Is All About...
  • NO classroom
  • NO Homework
  • NO schedules
  • NO books
  • NO other students to study with
  • NO reason to be shy to speak
  • NO rush
  • Your English is clearly understood
  • You Lose the hard accent
  • Your English will Sound like it is your first language
  • You will amaze your family and friends when you speak English
  • New job opportunities will open because of your English speaking ability
  • Nobody teaches English like this – ANYWHERE
  • Awesome Feature -  20 videos and 20 PDFs of How To Speak English Just Like an American COMPLETE course for $7.00 (a $97.00 value)
  • A Cool Feature - Video of ‘How To Write PERFECT English Letters and Words (a $200.00 value)
  • Another Awesome Feature - FREE Specially Designed Notebook that helps you practice to write good English letters (a $5.00 value)
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  • And So Much More...
Just Take A Look At What Some Of My Students Say
Chieko M. from Nagoya, Japan
"I enjoyed learning ‘How To Speak English Just Like An American’. This lessons helped me a lot to speak English more like an American. I just followed what Professor Crawley says in the videos. I recommend these lessons to whoever wants to improve their English. 

This is great material!"
Marinela S. from Constanta, Romania
"I need to speak good English but I’m a busy mom.

This program helps me so much because I can listen in the car or when I cook dinner. It’s very easy for me to follow Professor Crawley!

I recommend this to everyone. Great opportunity!!"
Anders K. from Lund, Sweden
"After using and listening to How to speak English just like an American: I sound much clearer, and people stopped asking me to repeat myself when I speak English.

My English sounds more natural and the more I speak the more I sound like an American.

Thank you, Dino!"
A TOTAL VALUE of $448.00
Obviously, I’m not going to charge you $448.00
But If I did, and all it did for you was to help you to speak more clearly, would it be worth it?

If all it did was to help you to speak with much less of an accent, would it be worth it?

If all of your past courses kept you sitting in classrooms, practicing English with other students whose English was no better than yours. Then, why would you want to continue the painful way of learning English?

You Get All Of This Professional Help for ONE LOW PRICE!
Special Bonus: For The First 23 Who Acts Now Also Get A Specially Designed Notebook That Helps You Write Perfect English Letters
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Here's What To Do Next
Like I mentioned before, you can speak English just like an American. All I ask is that you commit to a low investment of $7, no other costs.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!
You get instant access for just $7 AND a 30 day money back guarantee, so all risk is on my shoulders...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee...  
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this way of speaking English and I am so confident that if you believe that this cannot help you. I am giving you a full 30 days money-back guarantee. Just ask for your money back.

No questions asked. And you even get to keep it!

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sound fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Take Action Right Now And Secure The Free Bonus Notebook As Well
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dino Crawley

P.S. If fact, if you don't love this system - I'll even refund your every penny back (and you keep full access to the entire system). So, Click the button below to get to secure your bonuses and start speaking English like an American. You won't regret it.

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